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Why does the map not show up in my Cart?
Why does the map not show up in my Cart?
Updated over a week ago

If the map is not showing up in your store's Cart display, we suggest checking out your settings as they could be the main reason.

We suggest the steps below to confirm if everything is set up properly.

  1. Check if the app is active on the Dashboard by clickin on the app's name in your store admin.

  2. Check if the Interactive map design is chosen in the Integration and Display menu

    1. Follow the steps in THIS article below to do so

  3. Check your Shipping Provider settings and confirm they are chosen correctly

  4. Confirm if the Shipping Rates and Zones are set up accordingly.

  5. Check out the tested and supported Shopify Themes

    1. If your theme is not in the list, get in touch with us via e-mail at [email protected] or chat

Please make sure that you are checking the store frontend from an incognito window or another browser, where you are not logged in to your Shopify store admin.

Should you have any issues with the map not showing after checking out the steps above, get in touch with us and we will be more, than happy to help.

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