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Integration and design
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You can always change how and where you wish to show your shipping providers.

After setting everything up, you need to go to your Shopify admin page and open the Integration and design menu under the Digiloop Pickup & Delivery app.

Choose the way you wish to implement your shipping providers to your online store then set up the design where applicable. Currently, there are 2 ways to choose from.

Interactive map display

Apply this way of integration to display a map on the Cart page.

This map contains all the available pickup points your shipping provider(s) offer. Customers can pick the pickup point they like.

Choosing this option will take you to the Design page where you can set up how you wish your Map to look like.

You can always click on Preview Map to see how it would look like on your site based on the current settings.

Which design details can be changed?

Cart design menu

  • Button

    • Choose the shape of the button that will be displayed for the pickup points on the Cart page.

  • Button layout

    • Decide on the structure. Pick how you want to display the section for the pickup points button on the Cart page.

    • Enable in-store/personal pickup for your customers.

  • Colors

    • Decide on the design of the button and the section that belongs to it on the Cart page.

    • The followings can be changed on the Cart design:

      • Text color

      • Text color on button

      • Button color

      • Background color

      • Highlight color

      • Stroke color

Map Design menu

  • Button

    • Choose the shape of the button that will be displayed on the Map view.

  • Map style

    • Choose the style of the map.

      • Colored

      • Grayscale

  • Pin style

    • Choose the style of the pin that will appear on the map.

  • Colors and text

    • Set up the colors and font for your map design.

    • The followings can be changed on the Map Design:

      • Font

      • Primary color

      • Secondary color

      • Text color on button

Translation menu

Localize the default option by giving the translation of the different options.

Once you have set up your design, click on Apply to finish saving your changes.

When a customer opens the map in your store, s/he will have the possibility to filter the pickup point types as well to provide an easier way of choosing.

By default, our app uses the city set up in Shopify as the Business Address. In case it is not filled, the app will use the country capitol where the business is located at.

Please keep in mind that using the map display, it is imperative to disable the "Buy it now", "Quick Buy", "Express Checkout" etc. buttons in your store's theme. These buttons can be found on the product pages and in the cart in some cases.

Checkout display

Apply this way of integration to display your shipping provider(s) in Checkout. Those 5 pickup points will be displayed that are the closest to the address the customer added. Only the given options can be selected by them.

Which details can be changed?

  • Pickup points at Checkout

    • Set the number of parcel shops and/or parcel lockers you want to display at Checkout.

  • Display pickup point ID

    • Set if the names of the pickup points should include the pickup point ID on the Checkout page.

    • The IDs are added to the JSON of the order. If you enable this option, your customers will see the ID of the pickup point and it will be shown in your store order as well from your Shopify admin.

Please note that in order to use the checkout display feature, you need to have the Shopify CCS feature added to your Shopify subscription plan.

To activate the third-party carrier-calculated shipping (CCS), your store needs to be on the Advanced or Plus plan. If you're on the Shopify plan, then you can add this feature for a monthly fee or switch from monthly to yearly billing. For more information, contact Shopify Support.

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