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Can I exclude/include products from a Shipping Provider based on Tags?
Can I exclude/include products from a Shipping Provider based on Tags?
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You might wish to choose which products you wish to exclude from a shipping provider or on the contrary, which ones do you wish to include only.

This can be done for each individual Shipping Provider under the Shipping Providers menu. Once here, choose the one you wish to make changes to and navigate to the Rules submenu for the provider.

The rules can be set up based on the Tags that are on the products.

  • Choosing "Include" means those products can be shipped that have the chosen tag and nothing else.

  • Excluding a tag means the product that has the chosen tag cannot be ordered and shipped by this provider, but everything else can be.

Important to note that this feature is available only when the "Interactive map display" mode is enabled.

If your customer has a product in their cart that cannot be shipped by the provider due to the rules you set up, they will see a warning message in their Cart telling them which products could not be shipped to their chosen Pickup Point.

This warning message can be customised as well. You can do so by opening the Map settings in the Integration and Design menu and then navigating to the Translation submenu.

Let us see a couple examples below to how the rules can be set up.

Our "Test Product" is tagged with the Orderable tag:

For Packeta, we set up the rule to Include the products with the Orderable tag:

If we choose a Packeta pickup point from the map, we can proceed to the Checkout page:

Let us exclude the Orderable tag from Foxpost:

And see what happens when we choose a Foxpost pickup point. As per the screenshot below, the warning message pops up since the product's tag is excluded:

If you have any questions in using the rules or the application, let us know via the in-app chat or at [email protected].

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