How to choose Shipping Provider(s)?
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The first and most important step in using Digiloop Pickup & Delivery is to set up the Shipping Providers you work with.

In order to set up your Shipping Providers, open the Shipping Providers menu under the Digiloop Pickup & Delivery app in your Shopify admin page.

Use the select box next to the ones you wish to work with. A drop-down menu will appear where you need to provide the necessary details to finish setting them up with your store.

Under each provider, you will see the following submenus to choose from in order to set them up properly*:

  • Connection

    • Provide your credentials for the chosen shipping provider in order to connect to them

  • General Settings

    • Set up your preferences for the provider

  • Sender Details

    • Fill out the necessary details where the products will be shipped from

  • Home Delivery

    • Enable this setting if you wish to offer home delivery with the chosen shipping provider.

    • Once enabled, choose one or more Shipping Rates from the drop-down menu.

      • The Shipping Rates are collected from your store admin and you could add more later.

  • Cash on Delivery

    • Choose which Shipping Rate you wish to use for Cash on Delivery

      • If you wish to localize the name of the Cash on Delivery payment method in your store, you would need to create a custom Payment Method in your store admin and choose it here.

Once you have everything set up here, do not forget to click on Save and set up the Shipping Zones and Rates.

*If you are using MPL or Foxpost as your Shipping Provider, make sure to set up the "Shipping address phone number" as required in your Shopify admin Settings->Checkout.

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