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Checking Fulfilled/Unfulfilled orders
Checking Fulfilled/Unfulfilled orders
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In the Digiloop Pickup & Delivery app, you have the option to list all your orders or filter them down based on different criteria.

First of all, in your Shopify admin, open the Digiloop Pickup & Delivery app and go to the Orders menu.

Here, choose the Shipping Provider whose orders you wish to see.

Using the different badges, you can set up the following filters:

  • All orders

  • Unfulfilled orders

    • These are the ones that are not yet forwarded to the shipping providers

  • Fulfilled orders

    • Orders already forwarded to the shipping provider

      • With MPL, additional steps are needed as per below.

  • Additional, MPL specific filters:

    • Open orders

      • Orders that are sent to MPL, but not yet closed

    • Closed orders

      • Orders that are already sent to MPL and closed in their system, confirming that they can be picked up by the courier.

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