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Create shipping labels automatically
Create shipping labels automatically
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With Digiloop Pickup & Delivery, you can streamline the process of forwarding your orders to the Shipping Providers.

You could choose to either have the orders sent in manually, or automatically based on different rules.

To choose if the orders are sent over to your shipping provider automatically, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Digiloop Pickup & Delivery app in your Shopify admin.

  2. Here, navigate to the Shipping Providers menu

  3. Click on the Shipping Provider you wish to make changes to

  4. Open the General Settings submenu

  5. Here, choose from the following options under "Generate shipping labels"

    1. Manual

      1. This way, you need to create the Shipping Labels manually for the orders and it will forward the orders to your Shipping provider

    2. Automatically when an order is created*

      1. This way, all orders that are created will be sent to your Shipping Provider and the respective Shipping Labels will be created

    3. Automatically when an order is paid*

      1. This way, only the paid orders will be forwarded to your Shipping Provider and have their Shipping Labels created

  6. Make sure to click on Save.

*Keep in mind that in case of MPL, you still have to make sure to close the shipments by clicking on Actions -> Close Shipment

Once done, you can print the shipping notes by clicking on Actions -> Print Shipping notes.

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