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How to setup MPL as the Shipping Provider?
How to setup MPL as the Shipping Provider?
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The first and most important step in using Digiloop Pickup & Delivery is to set up the Shipping Providers you work with.

In order to set up your Shipping Providers, open the Shipping Providers menu under the Digiloop Pickup & Delivery app in your Shopify admin page.

At first, you will need to request API keys from Posta. Learn how to request API keys from Posta.

Use the select box next to MPL. A drop-down menu will appear where you need to provide the necessary details to finish setting them up with your store:

  • Connection menu

    • API Key & API Secret

      • To access the MPL API keys, you need an ÉnPostám registration and then you need to acquire an API key. After logging in, you need to go to the 'Development portal' menu and the 'Applications' page to find it.

    • Accounting Code

      • In your MPL ÉnPostám account, you need to go to the 'Development portal' and the 'Applications' page to find your company's Accounting code.

    • Agreement Code

    • Test / Live data connection

      • Enable if you have a live data connection and a live API key. Disable to use a test API key received from your provider.

    • Fulfillment service

      • Enable if you are using 3rd party fulfillment service and you only want to integrate parcel shops or parcel lockers in your cart or in your checkout.

  • General Settings

    • Default Package Size

      • Choose which type/size are your packages in general

    • Default Package Weight

      • Provide the general weight of your packages

    • Label type

      • Choose which type/size of Shipping Label you wish to generate with just one click.

    • Generate shipping labels

      • Choose if the shipping labels should be created manually or automatically.

  • Sender Details

    • Fill in the required details with the necessary details. This will be where your package will be picked up by the courier.

    • The Account Number provided in the contract or entered on must be used.

  • Home Delivery

    • You can enable this setting if you wish to offer home deliveries.

    • Once enabled, choose one or more Shipping Rates from the drop-down menu. The Shipping Rates are collected from your store admin and you could add more later.

  • Pickup Points

    • Enable the parcel shop/parcel locker service(s) that you want to appear at the integration to your store (Cart and/or Checkout page). If you disable all, the interactive map will not be visible on the Cart and Checkout page.

  • Cash on Delivery

    • Choose which Shipping Rate you wish to use for Cash on Delivery

      • If you wish to localize the name of the Cash on Delivery payment method in your store, you would need to create a custom Payment Method in your store admin and choose it here.

Please make sure to set up the "Shipping address phone number" as required in your Shopify admin Settings->Checkout.

When a customer places an order in your store, they will have the possibility to set up a filter to the type of shown locations to MPL Postal Points / MPL Parcel lockers / Coop / Media Markt / MOL / Other points. The visibility of the possible points can be changed in the General settings.

Once you have everything set up here, do not forget to click on Save and set up the Shipping Zones and Rates.

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