Pricing and Plans
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Using Digiloop Pickup & Delivery, you have 3 options to choose from when subscribing to our plans.

We provide a 7 days free trial period on all our montlhy plans. During the trial period, you can get access all features available in your chosen plan as well as make any adjustments if needed.

You could check out our current pricing, plans and features on our site below:

Subscribe to our annual plans and save half the price you would pay in the monthly plans!

The subscriptions are billed on a 30-day basis and the number of orders managed is calculated for each billing cycle.

As an example, if you were to subscribe on January 14. to our Starter plan, you could manage up to 50 orders until February 6. (30 days later). At the beginning of the next billing cycle, the counter resets to 0.

Keep in mind that if you reach the limit, your orders will not be downloaded. At the end of the billing cycle with the counter being reset, the previous orders will not be downloaded, either. The orders are downloaded at time when you still have space in your plan's order limit.

If you have any questions about our features, just let us know via e-mail or our live chat.

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