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How to subscribe to Digiloop Pickup & Delivery?
How to subscribe to Digiloop Pickup & Delivery?
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We offer a 7-day free trial off of all monthly plans. During this time you are able to use all functionalities of the plan you chose.

Before the end of your trial period, you can choose to cancel your subscription or stay on your chosen plan. Should you stay on your current plan, your subscription and billing will continue until you have cancelled your plan and the charge will be applied 7 days after the trial has been activated.

To subscribe, please follow the steps below:

  1. In your Shopify admin, open the Digiloop Pickup & Delivery application and go to the Plans menu.

  2. In this menu, you could compare the different feature in each subscription plan and decide which one suits you the best.

    1. Make sure to choose the respective plan based on your needs, number of monthly orders and the number of shipping providers.

    2. It is highly advisable to choose a yearly plan to save on the monthly costs as we provide considerable discounts from our annual plans.

  3. Click on Subscribe at your chosen plan and in the next step, approve the charges.

    1. These charges will be added to your Shopify bill, and you will see them in your Shopify invoices as a separate line item.

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