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How to set up only home delivery?
How to set up only home delivery?
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If you do not wish to offer shipping to Parcel Shops and/or Parcel Lockers, but only home delivery, follow the steps below:

  1. In your Shopify store admin, open the Digiloop Pickup & Delivery app

  2. Here, go to the Shipping Providers menu and choose which one you wish to disable the Parcel Shops/Parcel Lockers for and enable the Home Delivery option.

  3. Under the Pickup Point submenu, disable all services.

  4. Under the Home delivery submenu enable the services.

    1. Here, choose the shipping methods you wish to provide for this shipping provider.

    2. If you offer more (eg:. free shipping above a certain cart value), choose all that applies.

  5. Make sure to click on Save

Once all is done, make sure to check the new settings by starting to place a test order in your store.

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